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The U.K. is a natural destination for global education. Apart from some of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, the U.K. has good overall education infrastructure including good student accommodation and a relatively low-cost lifestyle outside London.

As a business school destination, it is a great place with some prestigious schools such as London Business School, Said (Oxford), Judge (Cambridge), Imperial, Warwick and Manchester among many other good programs. U.K has a global workforce and has a core competency in financial services leading to many jobs in that sector. It is also a great place to start a new business. The visa regulations should ease for foreigners now leading to better post work opportunities. A one-year program of great quality is a value deal in comparison with US programs which are typically two years at the Masters Level.

Scotland also has good universities with the University of Edinburgh, St Andrews and University of Glasgow deserving special mention. Ireland is an emerging destination especially due to a rapidly expanding economy and immigration friendly policies.