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Switzerland is a neutral, highly developed and a beautiful mountainous country in Western Europe. The Swiss people are warm and friendly and proud of their culture and achievements as a country. The economy is organized and very robust and diversified. Swiss economy is famous for technology, manufacturing, hospitality, cheese and finance! It is important to note that Switzerland is organized into highly independent cantons with their own laws and official language. Languages which are official in Switzerland include French, German, Italian and Romansh. English is widely spoken and accepted in Business and University. The cost of living in Switzerland can be extremely high especially in central Zurich. Salaries on average are much higher to compensate for living costs.

ETH Zurich is a world-famous school for Engineering and Sciences. IMD is a highly selective MBA program for more experienced candidates based out of Lausanne. St Gallen is popular and very high quality for its MBA and MiM programs. University of Zurich, University of Geneva, University of Bern and University of Basel are very prestigious among others.