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Immigration friendly policies and a robust economy are a big ‘pull’ factor for students to Canada. The country also boasts top universities offering good programs in Business, Engineering, Natural Sciences etc. Canadian people are welcoming and friendly which makes settling in the country relatively easier. The weather can be a decisive factor for prospective students from a long-term perspective. On the other hand, Canada has a good quality of living and breath-taking landscapes. Canada on a cost-benefit scale remains one of the most attractive global destinations for students.

Some of the best-known Canadian Universities are University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Alberta and University of Montreal. Rotman School of Management in Toronto has a top notch MBA program among others.


USA is the global leader in higher education. The quality of education, research and employment opportunities generated by Universities in the US are unparalleled to the rest of the world. Education is longer than many countries with a typical undergraduate program 4 years, Masters 2 years and PhD generally 5 years. Degrees from leading US Universities make the path for a great global career, universal acceptance, high paying jobs and a strong alumni network. The US is popular for Business School especially the MBA, STEM Programs which come with more liberal post work regulations, law school and medical school among others. Every state has some good universities and the top Universities are organized, although not exclusively into the Ivy League Network which had originally begun due to sports. The most popular regions for international students are New York, Boston, Pennsylvania, California, Chicago and Texas.

Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Columbia, Caltech and many other world leading universities are home to the United States. Students should note that getting into the top universities can be extremely competitive and they often carry very high tuition fees. The US is also one of the most liberal countries with scholarships both need based and merit based. PhD programs can be free of tuition and can be financed by working part time and also under the professor as an Academic Tutor. Living costs can vary according to region and lifestyle in the US.