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MBA is undoubtedly a great course which has a potential for a triple transformation: geography, position and function. However, all the popular marketing should be digested with a pinch of salt.

In many countries visa issues make this transformation a stressful and fortuitous process leading to anxiety of a huge life investment. In some European countries MBA is not as popular as one would imagine and is simply conceived as just another Masters by employers. Language and cultural barriers make certain client facing roles almost impossible to secure if you haven’t had previous work experience in that country.

MBA statistics of percentage employed and increase in salary are based on survey data by only positively responding students and can be biased on people that have secured good post MBA careers. Salary figures are PPP adjusted in a way that would not reflect your lifestyle quotient which may be more international in nature (think Starbucks prices in different countries against wages). This is relevant especially if you have a US MBA and Asian wages post MBA/Masters.

In short there are several experience-based factors that one must weigh against his or her own objectives and skill sets. Simply applying based on rankings and conventional wisdom may lead to getting your dream school but not your dream outcome.