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Germany is the biggest economy in the eurozone with a stellar reputation for its manufacturing and product quality. Home to the likes of companies like BMW, Daimler, SAP & BASF with many other small and large “mittelstand” companies, Germany is a great place to find post study employment. Visa regulations for students are also easier with an 18 month post study work visa. Language and cultural adjustments remain a key challenge for foreigners. Germany has its share of English-speaking jobs especially around the Berlin where the startup scene is robust.

German universities are often free even at the Masters level providing great quality at the same time. For a premium course such as the MBA however, one must pay albeit a much cheaper price compared to Global peers. Mannheim Business school in southern Germany and ESMT Berlin are great choices for an MBA. WHU in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt school are also top choices. Apart from that there are great master level programs in many universities such as TUM and Humboldt to name a few. The MBA program in Germany is very global in nature, it is characterized by small class sizes and is normally one year. Germany also has a favorable tax advantage on tuition fees paid for the course.