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France boasts of some of the best business schools in the world. INSEAD of course has been ranked consistently as one the best MBA schools. HEC Paris is also highly ranked and a very prestigious university. Going deeper into the core sectors of the French economy that have great potential are luxury management, food, hospitality and Agri based industries. There is also potential in finance, tech and consumer durables since the French economy is well diversified. France like Germany has good regulations supporting students to work post study. The language barrier however must be considered and learning the language to an intermediate level at least is highly recommended.

France is a also a great place to be a student offering a great life experience. EDHEC and ESSEC are also top schools for potential MBA and Masters aspirants. Typical MBA programs are 12-15 months which is great value in comparison to schools in the US considering French schools are ranked adjacent to Ivy League US schools.

France is also a great destination to study luxury, fashion, wine management, tourism and agriculture. Beyond the lights of Paris, destinations like Lyon, Marseille, Strasbourg and Monaco have great Universities among other cities in France.