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Full-Time Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Mannheim Business School (University of Mannheim), Germany
Master Thesis: Senvion GmBH (Renewable Energy Finance), Hamburg ,( 09/2017 – 09/2018)
MPhil Real Estate Finance, University of Cambridge, U.K.
Accredited to The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
First Class Honors in the Masters Dissertation, (09/2010 – 06/2011)
BA (Econ) Hons, University of Manchester, U.K
Specialization: Finance (09/2007 – 06/2010)
KPMG AG, Frankfurt, Germany
iRADAR within Financial Services working across audit of complex financial derivatives and other financial products for KPMG Audit engagement teams across the globe. Internship • iRADAR analyst for pricing REITs, Swaps & other complex derivatives
• Reporting and interaction with KPMG engagement teams
• Training across audit independence, ethics and data privacy (04/2018 – 05/2018)
Kayan Securities Pvt Ltd, Mumbai/Kolkata, India
Indian Finance Company and member of The Bombay Stock Exchange primarily involved with the trading of stocks, currencies, derivatives & mutual funds Entrepreneur – Family Business
• Banking and Payment Management
• Equity reports presentation & distribution
• Coordination of Regulatory and compliance reporting to the Bombay
Stock Exchange (BSE) and Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) • Currency trading and analysis desk
• SEBI certified research analyst , (09/2015 – 08/2017)
Anant is educated in Bio-Medical Sciences and Engineering from the University of Sheffield in the U.K.
He was an admissions counselor and mentor for the Science and Engineering department.
Anant has worked for the United Nations for the 'Beyond Borders' project for the underprivileged children in Africa.
For the last seven years, he has been a pioneer in the field on clinical research in Eastern India working with top pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies.
Anants company was rated as the top 25 startups in India by Google Ventures.
He is passionate about science, nutrition, education and human development.