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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1) Why do I need professional guidance for my application essays?


Essays are probably the most important part of the application as they give you a chance to show the application committee that you are more than just a list of grades and achievements. For this reason, essays should be written in a crisp and well-structured manner. Using professional help will help you better choose the theme for your essays and write your essays better, thereby impacting your chances of admission to a large extent.


2) How can we reach you?


Please register on this form and we will revert to you in at most 24 hours. We have an office in Kolkata, India but mainly work with our clients online.


3) Do you offer any free services?


We offer all students a 15 minute introduction if required when they are purchasing a complete application service from us.


4) What services do you offer?


A list of our services can be accessed here


5) What is the background of the counselors at Impact Essay?


Our lead counselors are Harsh and Pranita, who have years of experience in education various careers across different countries. Further information about them can be accessed here


6) What is the best time to get in touch with Impact Essay?


Ideally, we advise our students to get in touch with us at least 3 months before their application deadlines, with longer preparation time highly recommended in order to build a strong application. However, we also provide Express Service for students who reach out to us very close to their deadline.


7) Which kinds of applications do you help with?


We help our students with applications for all kinds of undergraduate and graduate programs. This includes Bachelor programs, MSc, MBA, PhD, etc.


8) How do I get a top score on the GMAT GRE and other Tests?


You can access tips on how to approach the GMAT here . We also provide private tuitions from a 770 scorer on the GMAT among others, the details of which can be accessed here .


9) Are my documents confidential?

All documents and interactions between Impact Essay and our student/professional clients are strictly confidential. We do not replicate or use your essays and documents as a reference.


10) How many schools should I apply to?


We recommend our clients to apply to 5 or 6 schools. Out of these, 2 schools should be your safety schools in which you have a high chance of getting in. You should apply to 2 schools with a reasonable chance of acceptance and 1 or 2 dream schools in which chances of acceptance are low.


11) Do you have a refund policy?


No we do not have a refund policy. We are confident that you will be delighted with the services we provide you and won’t have any reason to ask for a refund.


12) How does your infrastructure work?


You can purchase your desired package from our list of services, after which you will have to fill in your details and the upload documents which need editing. We will edit the essays and get back to you with an edited version of the essay and a list of tips and mistakes that help you approach your application. Our services are offered on a virtual basis (phone, skype, Email) and we are location independent.


13) Does Impact Essay help with my scholarship essays?


Yes, we offer services that help our students with essays for scholarships. Scholarships and LORs are included in complete packages. We measure our success by successfully navigating you through top colleges and scholarships.


14) What happens if I miss my appointment?


We are very punctual with our timings and expect the same from our students. In case of a missed appointment without prior information, we do not reoffer the service without additional charges. If we are informed 5 hours in advance, we may but are not obligated to reconsider.


15) What do I need for the session?


We only require you to have a strong internet connection and a skype account in order to interact with us. You may also keep a pen and paper handy if you want to make notes of the session. In case this is not possible, we can have sessions over the phone also.


16) How do I make the most of my sessions?


The most important prerequisite to any session with Impact Essay is to be honest to us about your strengths, weaknesses, goals and aspirations so that we are able to guide you properly. Moreover, if you have any specific doubts you may email us prior to the session and we will be happy to address those during your session to make efficient use of time. Complete information including your failures and voluntary activities help build a real profile.


17) Should I upload my documents in Word or PDF?


We require our students to upload their documents in Word so that we are able to edit them.


18) Do you write my essays for me?


We do not write any essays! We first assist you with setting the brand of the essays. This is done in the brainstorming session. The counselor will leave you with insights and ideas and eliminate overlaps.