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For some students education is an experience highlighted by diverse class sizes, learning, language, quality education and travel. While on the other hand some may look at it on an outcome-based perspective: jobs, tuition fees, visas and value for money.

Over the years we have observed that student objectives can be very diverse.

Wherever on the scale of thinking one is Europe has a lot to offer. With dream experiences in Oxbridge, Scotland and some prestigious French colleges to name a few, to pure value education in Germany and Scandinavia, European education offerings are as diverse as the countries themselves. Moreover, many students find jobs in neighboring countries, Netherlands and Belgium being good examples for a French and German university graduates; Germany for Spain based graduates. Overall this leads to a very diverse European story.

From an MBA perspective the Europe story gets more interesting. From a one-year intensive education to a more diverse career scope unrestricted to finance and tech (Germany: Manufacturing, France & Italy: Luxury) Europe has made the Global MBA story more practical. European class sizes are smaller on average and much more diverse leading to a more immersive experience. Visa rules are more relaxed, and cost of living is lower than the US in most countries. European colleges are slowly and surely getting fiercely competitive for the right reasons. We find the UK and Europe very balanced in their scope of offerings and recommend them therefore to our students based on their aspirations. A good approach would be applying to 4-6 programs across 1-3 countries depending on the objective.