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We are different. We have polished our education with great global schools and want to work with young people. Our team has a core competency in communication and education. We principally don’t delude our customers with misleading statistics. Our review methodology is based on teamwork and combining different skillsets: technical and creative along with editorial and educational. Our delivery style is friendly and straightforward. We are priced attractively and transparently and offer good value to students.

The entire college process especially studying abroad requires guidance: Brainstorming your path, reviewing and writing essays based on four eyes principle, interview preparations, scholarship essays and guidance on standardized tests. For mature applicants, the rest of the process is simply fluff. You simply don’t need to pay for doing analysis or pre-departure counseling or these unnecessary hand-holding processes. If you will need us, just shoot us an email or call and we will be there for you to give our advice.

Our guidance and editing are highly personalized, we do not work on pre-set templates and we specialize in quick turnaround services. As an extension to the same skillsets, we provide services for a cover letter and Resume Editing to young professionals.

We encourage you to place your trust with us.